Summary page for FlybaseID: FBgn0033010 from the database of Drosophila TF DNA-binding Specificities
Gene Name Atf6
Gene Symbol Atf6
Secondary ID CG3136
Synonyms CG3136
Protein ID Q7K2V1_DROME
Unipro ID Q7K2V1
FlyMine Link to FlyMine
Primary DNAbindingDomain bZIP_1
Secondary DNAbindingDomain
Pfam Domain bZIP_1
Motif Frequency Matrix Other Information
Motif frequency in Drosophila genome Genome Surveyor
Source B1H
Sequence Method SANGER
Vector omegaUV5
Inhibitor Concentration 5 mM
Inducer Concentration 10 μM
AA sequence of fragment